Membership to AIRJ is open to everyone who wish to join us.

Please, have a look to our Privacy Policy page in regards of the usage of personal data by the Association.

Junior and Senior Fees

If you are a student (including PhD student), a post-doc, or a recipient of a scholarship, the quota is 2000 JPY. All other interested can become members for 5000 JPY. The membership is valid throughout all 2020.

Supporters Fee

Supporting members can contribute a quota greater than 2000 JPY (if students or postdocs), or greater than 5000 JPY (all others).

How to apply

  1. Fill the application form below
  2. Proceed with the payment. If possible, we suggest a bank transfer (since PayPal applies additional fees). In case of a bank transfer, we kindly request to send the receipt as a proof of payment (PDF or photo) via email to
  3. We will review your application and confirm.
  4. Once your registration is completed, you will be subscribed to our mailing list and officially be part of the Association.

The amount collected from the quotes every year will be entirely used for the organization of the events and activities of the Association, as well as to cover the costs of the services used to run the Association itself (e.g. website and others). Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need further information.